Maintaining a reliable temperature to store and transport perishables is critical in the food service and pharmaceutical industries. Valley International Cold Storage, LLC is the region’s leading cold storage and repacking facility, serving McAllen, Texas, and surrounding areas.

Valley Cold is located in Harlingen, Texas. It provides businesses of all sizes with a state-of-the-art facility that delivers cold storage and repacking of frozen food products, in addition to high-quality creations. If you are a supply chain importer or exporter searching for cold storage transportation to or from McAllen, learn how we can help your business realize its full potential.


Our Cold Storage Facility

Rail Connectivity

Our innovative cold storage facility allows for streamlined rail connectivity, making transferring goods from rail to truck easy. Our cold storage facility at Valley Cold consists of 24 shipping and receiving freight doors and two rail sliding doors that ensure smooth transportation to and from retail locations. We also provide cross-docking services, such as rail to truck or truck to truck, which is important for our imports outside the United States, such as in South America and Mexico.

Supply Chain Solution

Trust Valley International Cold Storage to be your trusted supply chain solution. We have extensive experience handling cold chain processes and can assist businesses with facilitating their supply chain, from production to delivery. Our end-to-end supply chain solutions are powered by experts who provide superior customer service and attention to detail.

Temperature-Controlled Facility

Controlled room temperature is the foundation of perishable supply chains. At Valley Cold, our storage services include access to our Ammonia Refrigeration System that efficiently keeps all products at a cool and safe temperature to prevent product loss or food safety concerns. Customers can choose to co-pack a variety of meal options in our -10° F freezer.

200,000+ Square-Feet of Storage Space

At Valley Cold, our cold storage and packing space are more than 200,000 square feet, allowing us to work with businesses of all sizes. Within our cold storage facility, we have over 28,000 slots of freezer space, as well as five repackaging lines that can be completely customized to meet the unique needs of each client.  

Distribution Center

Distribution is a critical component of all warehouse management systems. At Valley Cold, our distribution center provides customers with a safe place to pack and store finished goods before they are distributed. Our cold storage solutions include a variety of distribution services, such as logistics consulting, freight consolidation, traffic management, freight forwarding, freight audit, and shipment routing.

USDA/In-House Quality Control

Maintaining a high level of quality control is a top priority for Valley International Cold Storage. We have an in-house quality control team to ensure that goods are always handled carefully to maintain freshness and food safety. Our inspection service professionals perform routine USDA quality control inspections to ensure that inventory meets strict standards.

Our Services


Packaging plays a vital role in a product’s freshness, appearance, and overall quality. Valley Cold offers professional contract packaging services designed to improve the outcome of consumer purchases. We offer various size bag options, steamable bags, compostable microwave trays and bowls, and many other packaging choices. Our facility can pack between 4 grams per ingredient and up to 5 pounds.


At Valley Cold, we provide customers with industrial-grade repackaging services, including transferring bulk-packed products to the appropriate consumer-sized packaging. Our repacking services also include re-boxing, re-labeling, and similar functions. Special repack services, such as fresh produce blends, meal kits, smoothies, and more, are also available for retailers.


Whether you work in the produce industry, food industry, pharmaceutical industry, or deal with other types of perishables, transportation is also a major concern. Valley Cold works hard to ensure that goods are transported safely to prevent loss, eliminate safety risks, and extend the shelf life of products. Our cold chain logistics carefully track goods throughout the supply chain, from initial production through final use.

IQF Sauces

Individual quick frozen (IQF) sauces can elevate many products, such as protein, vegetable, and starch. At Valley Cold, we offer a variety of IQF sauces that can be customized to meet the unique needs of our clients. Each piece of food is frozen separately when creating IQF sauces, whether our popular cheese sauce, pesto, acai, or many others.

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Cold Chain Solution for Transporting Goods to or from the McAllen Area

Developing high-quality goods is a significant investment. Valley Cold understands the importance of providing our customers with professional cold storage services backed by exceptional customer service. We work with businesses of all sizes to find opportunities and develop plans to maximize their growth and streamline their supply chain operations. If you have questions about our cold storage services for the McAllen area, or to request services, contact us at Valley International Cold Storage & Co-Pack.