Temperature-sensitive goods must be safely transported to prevent loss, eliminate safety risks, extend product shelf life, and ensure high-quality goods for customers. If you’re looking for co-packing, creations, or warehouse and storage services, make Valley Cold storage and transportation solutions an integral part of your business plan.


What Is Cold Chain Logistics?

Cold chain logistics is a process that allows for the safe transport of temperature-sensitive products along the supply chain. Perishable goods require precise temperature control from production through final use. It is commonly used in the food, health care, produce, and pharmaceutical industries to transport perishable products that require proper temperature controls in storage and transit.


Our Cold Chain Logistics Services

Logistics Consulting

At Valley Cold, our knowledgeable consulting team has extensive experience in cold chain logistics solutions, having helped countless businesses build logistical solutions custom-tailored to their unique needs. Our team of specialists has expertise in all areas of the entire supply chain, such as import and export cold chain management, warehouse design, logistics network strategy, and operational efficiency improvements.

Traffic Management

Traffic management is the planning, arranging, and purchasing the transportation services required to move a business’s freight. It is one of the most important aspects of logistics and involves freight consolidation, carrier selection, loss and damage claims, tracking and expediting, and use of private carriage.

Freight Consolidation

Freight consolidation saves time and money while reducing emissions. Our flexible solutions help businesses manage their spending without sacrificing speed. With freight consolidation options, you can maximize your supply chain efficiency, reduce providers, and avoid costly penalties. If you’re moving temperature-controlled goods, let Valley Cold handle the logistics of combining your less-than-container load (LCL) or less-than-truckload (LTL) freight into full shipments for better outcomes.

Freight Forwarding

Valley Cold provides businesses with consolidated ground freight forwarding to help your operations proceed smoothly. Our team can help facilitate border transfers, in addition to aiding in the transport of bulk load items and packages. We offer freight forwarding services to meet various temperature and transportation speed requirements, whether you are moving dairy products, medical supplies, or other temperature-sensitive products.

Shipment Routing

Shipment routing is essential for supply chain optimization, agility, and sustainability. For the shipper, routing is the process of designating the carrier service level to deliver a shipment and involves fulfilling the ship via specific instructions. For the carrier, routing creates a delivery plan consisting of a transportation route for the shipment.

Freight Audit

Freight bills often contain errors that could impact your business’s bottom line. At Valley Cold, we frequently catch and fix errors in our client’s invoices that may otherwise go unnoticed without a comprehensive freight audit. Our freight audit services are designed to closely examine, adjust, and verify company freight bills for accuracy.

Warehouse & Distribution Services

With a long history of cold chain transportation experience and certified cold storage facilities, Valley Cold builds flexible, customized warehousing solutions for our cold chain shipping clients. We use a variety of effective methods to ensure that your cargo reaches its destination without loss of quality by maintaining cold chain shipments within their required temperature range.

Cold Storage Facility

Valley Cold’s cold storage warehouse is conveniently located at the Southern border of Texas. This central distribution makes it easy to hold inventory crossing the border. Our first-class cold storage is over 200,000 square feet and includes 28,000 slots of freezer storage.


Supply Chain Solutions for Logistics Challenges

Sensitivity to temperature fluctuations creates challenges in the circulation of cold chain shipments within supply chains. From disrupted temperature controls and adequate packaging to contamination issues and transport delays, these challenges put goods at risk and can negatively affect your bottom line.

Valley Cold offers practical solutions to logistics challenges while maintaining optimal cold chain standards. We prioritize all delivery orders and ensure the proper vehicles and transportation equipment are used. Our team carries out regular inspections and provides real-time updates to customers.

Get Started with Cold Chain Shipping Support

Are you searching for cold chain logistics services to ship your temperature-controlled products? Valley Cold designs and executes world-class cold chain shipping support that seamlessly aligns with your business goals and gives your company a competitive advantage. We offer international cold chain service options, ranging from the United States and the rest of North America to South America and beyond, making us an industry leader in the global supply chain.

Trust Valley Cold to handle and transport your temperature- and time-sensitive goods with our proven track record of reliability and discover how partnering with us could solve your cold chain storage and transport challenges. For more information about our cold chain logistics services or to request services, send us a message or call (800) 850-6288 to speak with customer service.