State of the Art Facilities

Valley International Cold Storage, LLC is located in Harlingen, Texas. We provide state of the art facilities for cold storage & repackaging of frozen food products, as well as high quality creations.

Our Mission

As a leader in the food industry, our mission is to create and maintain an environment which is dedicated to exceptional customer service, quality products, and an experienced and committed workforce to meet our standards.

Modern facilities combined with dedicated, committed management and staff will ensure our valued customers the most in caring service plus an environment second to none for food and related product storage.

We facilitate customers from the Rio Grande Valley across Texas to all areas of the Continental United States and Mexico. Simply put, Valley International Cold Storage, LLC exists to enable your business to realize its full potential. You will find we work with a laser-like focus to identify opportunities, and then explore all the ways we can most efficiently help you maximize growth.

Value Statement

  • Longevity, founded in 1993, current ownership has owned since 2013
  • All in one location services, storage, cross dock, co-pack and sourcing
  • Co-Pack flexibility, USDA, FDA and BRCGS in one location
  • EDI capabilities, Customer Portal access
  • Strategic geographic location allows us to be ultra competitive regarding our overhead costs and our location is optimal for domestic and international grower shippers
  • Internal management of your packaging sourcing, inventory management, storage, document handling, freight delivery and many other areas with our Royal 4 System Portal
  • Storage of your Roll Stock, Preform and Bowl packaging in our USDA managed facility
  • Experienced executive team with over 75 years of combined experience
  • Ability to source items or work with your sourcing team for the best programs

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Whether you are looking for co-packaging, creations, or warehouse and storage services, we can talk. Let us take care of your needs today.

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