Individual Quick Frozen (IQF)

We strive innovation in foods by offering the community a wide variety of IQF sauce chips for any combination of vegetable, protein or starch products. IQF foods are notable for the fact that each individual piece of food is frozen separately from all the others. We are able to customize sauce products based on customer needs.

What We Offer

In the development of our innovative foods, we give high importance to factors such as taste, quality, and naturalness, as well as to easy use for the end customer, which at the same time creates an area for creativity. Not satisfied with this, we also pay attention to fair prices for our customers as well as for our partners in the countries of origin.

Our quick freeze creations are made from the best ingredients and carefully preserved without additives to guarantee unadulterated enjoyment from 100% flavor. The results are excellent sauces, smoothies, and so much more.

Our Sauce Chips


Amancha Manteles Mole

Mashed Potatoes


Vegan Cheese Sauce


Acai Chip and Fruit




microwave meal packaging with frozen sauce pellets

Buddha Sauce

Your creation


What is IQF Food?

IQF stands for “individually quick frozen.” During this freezing method, IQF technology allows each piece of food to be frozen separately from the other pieces. An example could be a frozen bag of shrimp where each piece of shrimp is frozen individually, rather than in a block. Common IQF products include fruits, vegetables and sauces.

What Are IQF Sauce Pellets?

Frozen sauces are sauces portioned in pellets and frozen in IQF technology to be added to frozen ready meals. 

How Does Individual Quick Freezing Work?

When something freezes quickly it forms small ice crystals as opposed to the large ice crystals when something freezes slowly into a solid block. The IQF freezing process helps improve food quality by maintaining the food’s nutritional content and preventing damage to the fibers of the food product.

Also called flash-freezing, the IQF method involves sending the individual food items on a conveyor belt into a blast chiller (or IQF freezer) that freezes the item very quickly. Because the food items are separate when they go in, they stay separate after they’ve been frozen.

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