First Class Cold Storage WAREHOUSE

Valley International Cold Storage, LLC has over 200,000 square-feet of cold storage and packaging space with about 28,000 slots of freezer storage. We keep you items safe with in house quality control and on site USDA inspections for your meal production.

What We Offer

Our 200,000 sqft Cold Storage and Packaging Space offers over 28,000 slots of freezer storage. We have 5 repackaging lines that can be customize to meet your needs. You have the ability to co-pack multiple meal options under one location in a -10° F Ammonia Refrigeration System.

Our facility is equipped with 24 receiving and shipping freight doors and 2 rail siding doors (Union Pacific). We offer cross docking services (Truck to Truck, or Rail to Truck) which is very important for imports from Mexico and South America.

You also have access to case picking for shipments to be able to ship what is needed to meet demand. Take advantage of pre-staging for loads to increase efficiencies and reduce freight delays. Our in-house quality control team and on-site USDA inspection team will ensure everything is up to standard.

Distribution Services

Logistics Consulting

Traffic Management

Freight Consolidation

Freight Forwarding

Shipment Routing

Freight Audit

IT Component

  • Our Custom Portal access give our clients up to the minute information for on hand inventory and staging information for production.
  • Full EDI Compatibility
  • Full electronic records of invoices, verify accuracy of inbound inventory, Bill of Ladings , etc. accessible at your request.
  • Many of our current customers love the 24 hour access to current status at a click of a mouse rather than chasing emails and phone calls for status updates.
  • RF Scanning
  • Full ability to place orders via the portal.

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Whether you are looking for co-packaging, creations, or warehouse and storage services, we can talk. Let us take care of your needs today.

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