The ready meals market is booming as more consumers seek the ease and convenience of microwave meal options featuring fresh ingredients and flexible packaging that can withstand high temperatures.

Located in Harlingen, Texas, Valley International Cold Storage, LLC offers ready meal packaging for all of your meal solutions. With multiple bag options, compostable microwave bowls and trays, and so much more, our safe food packaging services help preserve freshness and simplify the reheating process.

What Is Ready Meal Packaging?

Modern consumers lead busy lives, making it difficult to find time to meal prep or prepare a home-cooked meal. In response, food service companies are offering healthy food served in microwavable packaging. These pre-cooked meals meet strict food safety guidelines and are available in both fresh and frozen food options.

Modified atmosphere packaging (MAP) helps extend the shelf life and preserve the freshness of foods without chemical additives or preservatives. Vacuum skin packaging (VSP) may also be used for the extended shelf life of food in ready-made meals.

Ready meal solutions can also be custom-made to make them suitable for individuals who must follow certain dietary lifestyles, such as dairy-free, gluten-free, vegan, keto, or paleo. High standards of food safety are always met to prevent pre-cooked meals from outside contamination.

microwave meal packaging with frozen sauce pellets

Our Frozen Meal & Food Packaging Services

At Valley International Cold Storage, we offer a wide range of frozen meal and food packaging services, including the following:

Repacking Services

As an industry leader in special repacking services, you can trust Valley International Cold Storage to deliver complete repacking options using state-of-the-art equipment. Our capabilities include re-labeling, re-boxing, conversion of bulk-packed cases or totes to consumer-sized packages, and related functions. We provide private-label co-pack for bulk, bowls, meals, and more, allowing you to upgrade your RFP process to meet growing demands.

Co-Packing Services

Our co-packing facility is fully equipped with the specialized machinery needed to effectively pack and label microwave meals. Valley Cold offers microwavable trays, steamable meal kits, soup meals, and multiple bag options, such as block-bottom bags, stand-up bags, pillow packs, and side gussets.

Warehouse & Distribution Services

Our warehouse and distribution services are designed to accommodate the unique needs of every microwave meal service. Each food package is safely stored in an ammonia refrigeration system to ensure that it maintains a safe temperature. Seamless distribution is achieved through rail-to-truck cross docking, freight audits, logistics consulting, shipment routing, freight forwarding, freight consolidation, and traffic management services.

Cold Storage Facility

Valley International Cold Storage has more than 200,000 square feet of cold storage and packaging space, in addition to 28,000 slots of freezer storage. Our facility consists of five repackaging lines that can be customized to meet the needs of our food industry clients. Our facility is also equipped with 24 shipping and receiving freight doors and two rail sliding doors.

USDA/In-House Quality Control

We strive to keep your products safe by enforcing strict in-house quality controls and on-site USDA inspections for all meal production. Our in-house quality control team and on-site USDA inspection team are continually working hard to ensure that all fresh and frozen meal products meet strict standards.

Quick Assembly

In recent years, the packaging industry has made great strides to allow consumers to get the products they want as quickly as possible. Valley Cold provides quick assembly to enable delivery companies to keep up with rising customer demands.

Inventory Control

Proper inventory control is essential to ensure that our streamlined processes do not break the cold chain or put the quality of your inventory at risk. We achieve effective inventory management through accurate temperature and humidity regulation, online inventory management, product traceability, and appropriate rack labeling. Our team has implemented unique systems that are highly resistant to the ambient challenges of warehouse zones.

Custom Packages

Each business is unique in what they’re looking for in package design and characteristics. Some may require a certain tray size or material for consumer convenience and satisfaction. Valley Cold provides custom packaging services that meet your business’s specific packaging needs and requirements.

meal packaging assembly line

Supply Chain Solutions for Microwave Meal Packing Service

With years of experience in the food industry, Valley International Cold Storage is ready to meet your company’s supply chain and logistics needs. Here are just a few of the reasons why businesses choose Valley Cold for their microwave plastic packaging needs:

  • Improved Product Quality – Expect improved product quality with our cold storage facility constructed to control temperature and humidity, as well as maintain optimal security and fire protection.
  • Enhanced Food Safety – At Valley Cold, we know how important food safety is to your bottom line. Our team has implemented strict protocols and procedures to ensure that your products remain safe and fresh.
  • Competitive Shipping Costs – Valley International Cold Storage is conveniently located near the Port of Brownsville, allowing us to provide customers with competitive shipping rates.

Get Started with Microwave Meal Solutions

At Valley Cold, we offer a microwave meal packaging solution for every business. Ensure that each nutritious meal you create is properly packaged, labeled, and stored in a microwave safe container. Contact us today to learn more about our microwave meal packaging services.