Valley International Cold Storage, LLC is a co-packing, repacking and cold storage warehouse in Texas. We understand the importance of contract packaging and offer high-quality, cost-effective meal kit packaging services. Our team can create a packaging solution and cold chain plan tailored to your supply chain and transportation needs, from quality control to other packaging operations.

What Is Meal Kit Packaging?

Meal kit packaging refers to the type of packaging a meal kit company uses for its products. With the rise in popularity of meal kit delivery services, safe, efficient, and sustainable packaging is more important than ever. High-quality, well-designed meal kit packaging helps keep food products, from ice cream to fresh produce, safe and in good condition during storage and shipping. 

Valley International Cold Storage is a meal kit packaging company that offers efficient, environmentally friendly packaging, including compostable microwave trays, bowls, biodegradable bags, and film options.


Our Food Packaging Services 

Custom Kitting and Repacking Services 

Valley International Cold Storage offers custom kitting and repacking services to accommodate the needs of your meal kit delivery service. With multiple bag options to choose from and the ability to produce sauce packets, sauce injections, and more, we offer solutions for all meal kits. Our custom kitting and repacking services can also quickly adapt to the latest trends. 

Save Money and Space 

Finding enough space to store frozen food products for your meal kits can be challenging and expensive. We offer first-class cold storage that helps you save money and space. We have more than 200,000 square feet of cold storage and packaging space, including roughly 28,000 freezer storage slots.

Quick Assembly 

With consumers skipping grocery shopping and ordering meal kit delivery instead, the ability to have meal kits packaged quickly is highly important. Valley International Cold Storage provides fast assembly to make it easier for delivery companies to meet consumer demand. We can handle everything from meal kits with organic ingredients to pre-portioned ingredients. 

Cut Costs 

Our recyclable packaging helps your meal delivery service reduce your carbon footprint and food waste while reducing costs. With a healthier environmental impact and lower costs, your meal delivery kit company can rise above the competition and ensure that your customers receive meals made from high-quality ingredients that remain in good condition.

Inventory Control 

Our packaging services provide a more efficient way to keep track of your inventory. Instead of having to keep track of inventory that’s made up of multiple, smaller packages, we can do bulk packaging. This offers a way to maintain better inventory control for your meal kit company. 

Custom Packages 

Every meal delivery kit company has its own needs in terms of packaging. We have custom packages available if you want to provide customers with a well-balanced meal made from fresh or frozen ingredients. This design flexibility helps ensure that your meal kits have the ideal packaging based on your needs. 

Warehouse and Distribution Services 

Our warehouse and distribution services can accommodate the needs of your meal kit delivery service. We store meal kits using an Ammonia Refrigeration System to maintain safe, cool temperatures. Our services include rail-to-truck cross docking, logistics consulting, freight audits, freight forwarding, shipment routing, traffic management, and freight consolidation.

Cold Storage Facility 

At Valley International Cold Storage, our cold storage facility is equipped to provide your meal kit company with a safe storage solution. This ensures that your customers receive a high-quality meal delivery kit that is safe from spoilage and other hazards. Being able to store your meal kits safely leads to less food waste.

Supply Chain Solutions for Meal Kit Service

Having a meal kit service means finding ways to ensure that your meal kits can make it through the supply chain as quickly as possible. This is important to ensure food safety and quality and reduce the risk of spoilage and contamination. We provide supply chain efficiency at Valley International Cold Storage through our packaging and cold storage services. These services help reduce packaging waste and greenhouse gas emissions while allowing meal kits to get through the supply chain quickly and efficiently. 

Supply chain efficiency is even more important when you need to package meal kits made with organic ingredients or fresh food. These meal kits aren’t filled with preservatives and other ingredients that ensure freshness. Our solutions are designed to keep these foods safely stored and packaged, so that meal kit delivery customers can count on receiving them in good condition.

Get Started with Meal Kit Packaging 

Contact Valley International Cold Storage for more information on our services when you need a reliable meal kit packaging company. From custom packages to warehouse and distribution services, we have the equipment and state-of-the-art facilities to store and repackage frozen food products. Our services are available throughout the Continental United States and Mexico.