Many businesses depend on freight forwarding services to sell and ship their raw materials or finished goods overseas. Located in Southern Texas, Valley International Cold Storage & Co-Pack plays a direct role in this area of the supply chain. Our state-of-the-art facilities provide customers with cold storage and repackaging of frozen food products at competitive rates.

Valley Cold also offers a variety of distribution services, such as freight forwarding services. Whether you require logistics consulting, traffic management, shipment routing, freight audits, freight consolidation, or similar services, you can trust Valley Cold to deliver top-quality services and superior customer service.


What are Freight Forwarding Services?

At its most basic level, freight forwarding services involve coordinating the transfer of raw products or completed goods across international borders. Companies that source products or supplies from overseas commonly work with global freight forwarders to coordinate the production and shipment of their products from a company outside the United States to the markets that they sell to.

The terms freight and logistics are often confused but they are not synonymous. Logistics mainly involves moving orders from warehouses or factories to brick-and-mortar stores. However, logistics services have become more complex over time. Today, it’s not uncommon for a logistic company to ship individual orders directly to consumers using trucks, planes, or ships.

In comparison, a freight forwarder generally works directly with a variety of logistics companies to negotiate and determine the best shipping routes at manageable costs for their customers. They also handle all of the customs documentation related to international shipping to help merchants better navigate the complex world of custom clearance and export declarations.

Our Freight Forwarding Services

Logistics Consulting

Logistics and supply chain management are important aspects of business that should be continually analyzed, measured, and improved. We offer professional logistics consulting services at Valley Cold to help customers make budget-friendly solutions. Our global logistics consulting services can help you take control of transportation procurement, discover new growth opportunities, and achieve freight operational efficiency.

Traffic Management

Traffic management refers to the planning, arranging, and purchasing of transportation services required to move a company’s freight. A traffic manager handles many aspects of traffic management, such as freight charges, fuel surcharges, and cargo insurance. Traffic management services may also include air freight, ocean freight, rail freight, and other types of freight shipping.

Freight Consolidation

Freight consolidation occurs when multiple shipments within a specific area are combined into one load and hauled by a carrier to a destination region. Once in the region, the shipment is broken down into smaller shipments before being delivered by a regional carrier to their final destination. Freight consolidation can help reduce risk, create savings, improve time management, and enhance visibility.

Shipment Routing

At Valley Cold, we offer shipment routing services that involve the assignment of an optimal carrier and mode to ship a shipment. Transportation cost is important as these fees can significantly cut a company’s profit. However, we assist customers by helping them choose the appropriate shipping services and carrier based on factors like shipment weight and destination.

Freight Audit

Freight audit refers to investigating invoices and other types of data to determine the accuracy of freight costs. Valley International Cold Storage and Co-Pack offer auditing as one of our premier freight services. With our freight audit services, we can provide better analytics and data, clear freight invoices for reduced expenses, save time, enhance visibility, and achieve business compliance.

Warehouse & Distribution Services

At Valley Cold, our innovative warehouse and distribution center services go a long way toward helping customers establish strong regional and global footprints. Our facilities can receive, process, store, and dispatch a range of cargo volumes, ranging from a single shipment to metric tons of goods. We have more than 200,000 square feet of cold storage space equipped with an Ammonia Refrigeration System capable of keeping products at a cool and safe temperature.  

Cold Storage Facility

Our cold storage and packing space include five repackaging lines that can be customized to your unique needs, as well as more than 28,000 slots of freezer storage. Our facility contains 24 receiving and shipping freight doors and two rail sliding doors. We also provide cross-docking services, such as rail to truck or truck to truck, critical for imports from outside North America.

Supply Chain Solutions for Logistics Challenges

Businesses face a wide range of logistics challenges, such as keeping transportation costs down, sourcing reliable carrier capacity, keeping up with industry demands, maintaining the latest technologies, and achieving on-time pickup and delivery. We provide professional distribution and transportation services at Valley Cold to streamline the supply chain.

Get Started with Cold Chain Shipping Support

With more than three decades in the industry, Valley Cold is a leading cold storage, and freight forwarding service provider in the U.S. Our team can internally manage your packaging sourcing, document handling, inventory management, freight delivery, and countless other areas. Contact Valley International Cold Storage & Co-Pack today at (800) 850-6288 or send us a message online.